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Magical, mysterious, and educational

Explore underground cavities and discover a world of superbly-preserved rock formations, watery wonders, and unique life forms. This activity offers a scientific and educational approach to caves, and explains the concept of “speleology.” You will also learn how to recognize various crystalline forms (stalactites, stalagmites, curtains…) and decipher the colors that correspond to different minerals. You will discover why air still circulates inside these underground cavities, and what kinds of animals live in this unusual environment. This outing offers games and fun, on-site learning, and physical activity in rappel descents (optional, depending on the site). It is open to everyone, including children 3 years of age and up.

Familiarize yourself with a mysterious world and master it easily while learning and having fun! Our caving sites are chosen for safety, interest, and enjoyment, with a selection of large caves and broad underground spaces.

Introduction to Caving
The approach is the same as the Discovery outing with more excitement and an introduction to rappelling techniques.

This outing is for those who already are familiar with the subterranean world and want to improve their existing skills and learn new rope work skills. It will help participants go further in techniques for moving underground.
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